The FDA Has Given Us Their Ear

SPEAK NOW--the FDA wants to hear what you have to say. Please take a few minutes and submit your thoughtful comments on the regulation of cannabis and CBD.

Personal experiences, science, importance of whole plant/full spectrum, economic impact is preferred over slogans like 'Legalize It'.

Post your submissions HERE.

What I had to say (know that your statement does not need to be this long/detailed)...

As a holistic RN (American Cannabis Nurses Association Member, completed The Medical Cannabis Institute practitioner training), I have seen firsthand the therapeutic impact of plant derived cannabinoid use and I understand the connection to physiologic homeostasis and the endocannabinoid systems (ECS).

Why full spectrum cannabinoids are so impactful for so many, I believe, is largely due to its pleotropic action (multiple actions vs. single targeted action). With pain, whole plant derived CBD, for example, is not just impacting pain signaling, but inflammation and anxiety as well. Having also worked as a trauma nurse, I recognize cannabinoids as the perfect adjunct or compliment of everything from general wellness to prescribed narcotic use.

When recovering from trauma and extensive surgeries, narcotics are usually necessary for pain control, but we should never give them (as well as stronger psychiatric medications) without a built-in exit strategy. Decreasing the amount, side effects, and dependence of these powerful (and often necessary) pharmaceuticals with concurrent and appropriate use of cannabinoids, can have a tremendous impact on patient outcomes.

Having access for supportive or protective use can be just as impactful as the ECS acts on all body systems. One of CBD's prominent modes of action is to decrease chronic inflammation, the firestarter of most, if-not-all, chronic disease.

For the powers-that-be, to deny public access makes me, frankly, very sad--feels like these 'powers' do not have the best interest of the citizens as their priority (a country is only going to be as strong as its citizens). Yes, safety regulations and good manufacturing practices are important and yes, cannabinoids (especially CBD) does not fit neatly into established FDA protocols, but please protect our access to it as it is in our individual and our country's best interest.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences.