My Medicine

Do you want to avoid the black hole that is our current 'diagnose and medicate' standard-of-care medical model? I know I do, but with the perpetuation of more doctor visits and more 'big pharma' prescriptions, it's hard not to get sucked in.

Don't get me wrong, western allopathic medicine has tremendous value for life-saving. If you want life-enhancing care, focused on healing and getting at the root cause, functional and integrative medicine is your best bet. But, even beyond a better medical model, there is so much we can do for ourselves!

Through my work with patients and clients, as well as in managing my own wellness, I have discovered that the pursuit of optimal health requires a 3 pronged approach (this is my medicine):

  • manage metabolism (switching from being predominately a sugar burner to a fat burner has a huge impact on chronic disease risk)

  • bring balance to the endocannabinoid system (impacts all body systems, hones in on homeostasis--that just right state of being)

  • tune into natural cycles--light, dark, seasons (spending time out of doors and getting sun exposure has a positive impact on mood, sleep, and overall health)

Interested in 'healthing' yourself? Check out these other prolific resources:

  • Start your 14-day free trial for HealthMeans--no payment info required. I think you’ll find this a valuable resource on your healthy journey!
  • Green Flower – the world’s largest video network for trusted cannabis knowledge – is now 100% FREE! You can watch many of the world’s leading cannabis experts, doctors, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs on Green Flower anytime you want.

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More about me: beyond being a holistic and pro-cannabis RN, I am the owner of, the developer of a sustainable fat loss program (, the author of Menopause Happens--Own the Change (, and I am a certified Bredesen Protocol Practitoner (Dr. Bredesen--author of The End of Alzheimer's).

Disclaimer: information is for educational purposes only, no prescriptions are expressed or implied, contact your personal health practitioner for medical implications including drug interactions.