ECS Reset


ECS is short for Endocannabinoid System and like an internal carpenter's level, its function is to gauge and bring balance to the body.

An ECS Reset targets Endocannabinoid System dysfunction and deficienc. For many, this may be that elusive last piece of the puzzle; without it, health is hard to optimize.

Wondering if you are a candidate for an ECS Reset?

Well, how are you? If your answer is, "Could be better" or "Not so hot" then I encourage your participation in the ECS Reset Trial.

Wanting to learn about ECS optimization and how not to waste money or time on ineffectual interventions is another reason to take part.

ECS Reset Trial

Purpose: Support and track the balancing and replenishing of the ECS using high mg/ml concentration hemp derived cannabidiols (CBDs)

Goals: ECS enhancement and transition to a maintenance regime

Ancillary Tools: A free (but not mandatory) ECS Evaluation is available to participants. This individualized report profiles other means--beyond supplemental CBDs--to enhance the ECS.

There are no qualifying condition requirements--anyone can take part, even for general wellness purposes--but folks with unresolved chronic health issues (migraines, pain/inflammation, fibromyalgia, cognitive decline, pain, mood issues...) may be especially interested in participating.

In exchange for completing a brief pre/post questionnaire and tracking daily use, participants will receive a 15% off on an ECS Reset Product Bundle of their choosing (use discount code RESETME) and a free ECS Evaluation ($35 value).

Wondering why I'm recruiting participants for this trial?

As a registered nurse, my standards are high when it comes to products, supplements, and other therapeutic interventions, and I especially want validation of their effectiveness. Tracking 'the use' and 'the outcomes' should provide valuable insights and participants will be helping themselves and while helping others.

Wondering why I'm using Hemp Magik products?

Hemp Magik products deliver what to me is nonnegotiable--full spectrum, organic, high mg/ml concentration CBDs.

Your ECS Reset Product Bundle options include:

• Two 1 ounce bottles of Hemp Magik Sublingual Oil 40mg/ml and one 60mg "rescue" rectal suppository


• Two 1/2 ounce bottles of Hemp Magik Sublingual Oil 40mg/ml and one 60mg "rescue" rectal suppository.

Natural flavor options include Orange Creamsicle or Coconut Almond--or one of each.

Formula options include Awakening Plus or Rest Plus--or one of each.

When choosing your ECS Reset Product Bundle consider whether your issues are mild or extreme (longer treatment course advised) and if you need support during the day or night or both. Also, know that with the 1 ounce option, you get more for your money (don't forget to enter the discount code RESETME for 15% off your order).

Tap the Hemp Magik Fairy below for more details...

With sign up, you'll receive all the necessary intel and feel free to contact me with all your questions!

*Also be aware that Hemp Derived CBD products (<0.3% THC) may give a positive THC result on a drug screen.*

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