Do You Feel It Too?

Because it's been a stagnant stalemate for so long, it's hard to be optimistic. Now who knows what form it will take, but with state-after-state coming on board and folks seeing cannabis for what it really is (a plant with healing properties), it is starting to feel like NC may be positioning itself for change.

Assess2Green has always been about mainstreaming the message via education. Our merchandise with its subtle logo (NC State Dogwood flower over a cannabis leaf) is also a vehicle to get the message into the collective consciousness.

So, to welcome and further encourage this 'change in the air', 50% of all Access2Green proceeds will be donated to NC Norml. Free shipping and a free tote or can cooler will be included with every order!

Alrighty then, let's represent and to leave the FDA a thoughtful message about why having access2green matters to you, please see my previous post!