CBD Suppositories--Yes, We Went There and Here’s 3 Reasons Why You Should Too!

As women, we are designed to bring-forth-life and as you’d imagine, the anatomy, balance of neurotransmitters, and cycle of hormones necessary to achieve and even prepare (month after month) for this feat is awe-inspiring. When you consider all this complexity, it’s no wonder most of us have issues with our womb, ovaries, or female genitalia. The suffering includes endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, infertility, menstrual dysfunction, infections, painful sex, and eventually menopausal symptoms with most women experiencing one or more of these conditions and some becoming chronic.

Interventions run the gamut of supplements and herbs to pharmaceuticals and surgery. Always advantageous to get at the root cause, the cyclical nature of our cycles can make that difficult and many women resort to treating symptoms as they arise.

Enter CBD

Also miraculous is our Endocannabinoid System, the great equalizer of all body systems. This system of receptors and the accompanying endocannabinoids (yes, we make our own) are dispersed throughout the body and are present in our reproductive organs and tissues. It’s purpose is to bring the body to homeostasis, that just right state of being.

Are you aware that resolving health issues is more difficult when the production of our body’s natural cannabinoids (Anandamide, 2-AG)--compounds that bring balance to the ECS--is deficient? ECS insufficiency can be brought on by illness, poor lifestyle habits, aging, toxin exposure, and genetics. Supplementing with plant-derived cannabidiol or CBDs (therapeutically active constituent of the cannabis plant), can help correct imbalances in our ECS.

Without ECS support, health is harder (if not impossible) to optimize. Blair Wirkkala, a holistic RN and member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association believes that ECS insufficiency could very well be, “that last elusive piece of the puzzle keeping us from achieving optimal health”, and that CBD should be our, “first line offense and defense”.

Among its many attributes, CBD works to suppress inflammation(1) and impacts signaling to muscles bringing about relaxation. This alone, would go a long way toward reducing pain and suffering for many woman. Luckily, we now have options to get the CBD where it’s most needed and for many of us, that’s the female reproductive organs (uterus, vagina) and genitalia (labia) .

Enter CBD Suppositories

Just hearing (or reading) the word ‘suppository’ is enough to make most folks clench. Despite being the butt (pun intended) of many jokes, suppositories are one of the most effective routes of delivering medications and nutrients to the body. With a long history of use, they can save your ‘hiney’ when other routes of administration are not available, are not ideal, or just can’t deliver enough potency.

Suppositories Badge

For those looking to get the biggest bang-for-their-buck, when using supplemental CBDs (who isn’t), suppositories are hard to beat! Here’s why...

1. They Bring It

The more severe the condition (chronic disease, cancer, fibromyalgia, MS, Lyme, Crohn’s, Epilepsy, PTSD, intractable pain and mood issues) the more crucial it becomes to bring balance (homeostasis) to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Offering the best absorption and duration of efficacy (second place to IV), suppositories reign supreme. Higher bioavailability equates to the body receiving more CBDs!

2. They’re an Express Lane to the Bloodstream

When we take a medicine or supplement by mouth, it is processed by the gastrointestinal tract (and sent to the liver) before making its way to the bloodstream. Along this route, some degradation and metabolism occurs which inevitably decreases the therapeutic bioavailability and delivery.

By bypassing the GI tract, suppositories deposit CBDs directly into the circulation resulting in increased bioavailability and absorption when compared to oral and inhalation administration. (2)

Inhalation: 10-25% efficiency, Oral: around 20%, Rectal: around 50-70% efficiency
Source: CBD International

3. They Come To Our Rescue

By bringing balance to the ECS, CBD suppositories are ideal for gaining traction with hard-to-manage chronic conditions, being fast-acting, they are also ideal as an as-needed ‘rescue remedy’ (always call 911 for life-threatening situation).

Along with higher bioavailability, suppositories are faster acting than by-mouth administration. Because of this, CBD suppositories are also advantageous for acute needs--times when you feel a headache coming on, when you overdid it at the gym, when you’re under emotional stress, or when you feel like you’re getting sick. Just like that first-aid kit, always at the ready, by having CBD suppositories on hand (in the fridge/freezer) you’ll be prepared for those unexpected times of need.

*Bonus Reason* 4. They’re Vagina Friendly

Because of our unique anatomy, women are not limited to ‘backdoor’ use. CBD vaginal suppositories have broad-reaching therapeutic and even intimate applications.

As with any CBD product, high concentration (mg/ml of CBD), full spectrum and organic is best. When addressing medical conditions, always check with your healthcare practitioner.

For informational purposes only--no prescriptions expressed or implied.

Melissa Lee Clark, founder of Hemp Magik

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