Cann-Did Conversation with Brian Bullman of Carolina Hemp Company

When I sat down with Bryan Bullman of Carolina Hemp Company, it was my intention to feature him--a local hemp pioneer--in an article for the Access-2-Green Blog and to make transcribing easier, I recorded our conversation. Well, Brian was so engaging and earnest--a natural storyteller--instead of risking his words getting lost in my written translation, I decided to share (and please do the same) the recording directly.

Freedom above all else is the birthing place of all things good. Freedom is knowledge.

-Brian Bullman

Although the recording is a no-frills production, the conversation is a mighty good listen!

The man, the plan, the plant, the company, the product launch, the family, the philosophy--we covered it all (you'll even hear-tell of whatever happened to Aquaman)...

Cann-Did Conversations: Brian Bullman of Carolina Hemp Company

It's certainly my intention to make any future recordings more "ear friendly". Holler at me if you have a knack for that kind of thing and want to support our efforts. And, in upcoming recordings, I promise to refrain from saying "WOW" as my go-to reactive response!

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